About me

I am a rising senior at UNC studying PR and advertising. Words are my passion. I love public speaking (I’m not normal, I know) and writing. I long to give a voice to those who might not otherwise be heard. Communication is my life. I love telling stories, whether that’s through words or pictures. My skills include writing, speaking, photography, leadership, web design, and social media monitoring. I speak fluent sarcasm and I’m known for finding the best cheesecake in town. Let’s be friends!

Fun Facts

  • I competed in public speaking in high school.
  • I collected rubber duckies through middle school (who am I kidding - I still do).
  • My full name is Abigail Anne Wright.
  • My greatest skill is perhaps my ability to fold king-size fitted sheets.
  • I once drove to Niagara Falls. I wouldn’t recommend it. (I mean, you should go… Just fly instead!)


Anything from creative fiction to speeches to press releases, I love it all and I've done it all.



As a self-taught photographer, I feel like there's no challenge too great or too small.



Let's just say I know a good cheesecake from a bad cheesecake and I'm not afraid to call it like I see it.