Who I Am

My Story

It all started after my freshman year in high school. I went on a missions trip to Papua New Guinea, to a tiny island filled with an isolated people group. Missionary friends of my family had spent 27 years of their lives in this island, creating a written language for the people and teaching them to read.

I traveled across the world to be there when the missionaries gave these people the written word in their native tongue for the first time. It took almost three decades. What I witnessed on Long Island will stay with me forever. I realized, for my entire life, I had taken words for granted.

As a competitive speaker in high school, I came back from that experience and wrote a speech on what I saw and felt in New Guinea. That speech won me the national title, which turned out to be the first of several.

Words have power. I want to spend the rest of my life harnessing that power and changing lives. Will you join me?